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Frequently asked questions:

How do your like packages work?

A big misconception is that if you were to buy the 1,000 likes package for 1 post a day for 30 days you are able to split that 1,000 likes into multiple posts within that day. This is not the case once you type out the amount of likes you wish to receive and press send you will only get what you sent if you then post again you will not be able to go back and send whatever you didn’t send on the last post to your next post!!! You will only be able to send again 24 hours later.

How do the likes come in?

No matter the size of the order your desired number of likes will be evenly distributed across 60 minutes.

For example if you trigger 500 likes our system will drip feed your 500 likes over 60 minutes. This not only looks super organic and emulates real post exposure but also should help with ranking.

How does this service work?

The way we have our system currently setup does not support auto detection. This means that you cannot just post and leave it at that you WILL NOT get your likes!

Don’t worry it really is super simple! All you need to do is go into Instagram and make your post, then straight after head over to our site login and go to “likes” type in your desired amount ( within the parameters of the package you bought IE: your on the 1k plan meaning you can send anywhere from 0-1k likes ) then hit the BLUE “send” button.

We will be adding in auto triggering within the next few weeks as an option for those who do not want to manually trigger there likes. We did this because as you may know Instagram delays its post notification feature and rate limits the amount of checks an account can do so at scale it becomes very hard to accurately detect posts and have the system start within a timely manner.

How do I send comments?

Sending comments once again is super easy. Right now we do not support saving comment lists so we do advise that you write out your custom comments in advance before you post. Our COMMENTS are completely custom meaning each time you post you need to go into our site select “comments” and then either copy and paste your pre written comments into the available text box or write them out there and then!

We will be adding the ability to save lists and select pre set lists in the coming weeks.

The reason we allow you to write in custom comments is to make the entire experience way more authentic. What’s the point in using custom comments If they are generic and look fake and spammy. Comments are the new likes you need them to be like this and trust us no where else offers this quality at this price and speed.

Please follow our comment format when writing out custom comments or the order may not go through. After each comment ends you need to put in a comma IE: such a great photo ❤️, love your dress!!, wow you rock, 🙌🏻🔥

How does one post work?

We added one post for the trust factor it allows you to test our services before you decide to buy a monthly subscription.

One post literally means “ONE POST” you are buying a one off like slot of your choice be that 500-750-1,000 to use on one of your posts. This goes for the one post comments too.

How does unlimited post work?

Unlimited post is what we have labelled our monthly subscription service. The options within “UNLIMITED POST” entitle you to 1 post a day with your selected package size for 30 days adding to a total of 30 posts worth of likes or comments.

Please note that our reset timer is based off 24 hours after you post! You will not be able to trigger your likes or comments again until it has been 24 hours since you last triggered your likes and or comments.

How do the comments come in?

Our comments are the same as our likes no matter the comment order size they will drip in over 60 minutes after started.

How long does it take for likes to start?

Remember likes are started manually meaning they won’t start until you make them. Once you have clicked the blue “send likes” button your likes will start within 2-6 minutes and will be dripped in evenly over 1 hour ( 60 minutes)

How long does it take for comments to start?

Just like our likes are comments after triggered will start within 2-6 minutes and once again will be drip fed to your

What are the methods of payment?

We offer super secure encrypted card checkout and we also offer PayPal as another form of checkout!

How many posts do you get on the "UNLIMITED Service"?

Please be aware that on our monthly subscription “unlimited service” plans be that comments or likes you only get “ONE” post per day ( every 24 hours from the last time you triggered either likes or comments )

What is the difference between the 3 subscription packages?

When buying one of our monthly subscription packages you will see that they clearly outline what you are getting, please do read carefully what is stated on each package.


As of right now they do not convert views or impression however we are aiming to have this feature added by the 15th of March 2020.

Do the likes and comments convert views + impressions?

Yes they do!

What post will get the likes?

To make things as simple as possible we have taken out the ability to link drop the way our service works is it targets your most recent post! Please bare this in mind that your engagement will come to your most recent post and no others. You cannot boost posts other than your most recent one at the time.

Does this service work with private accounts?

No our service will only work if your account is public!

Can I boost a post more than once?

No you cannot boost a post more than once please do not try to re trigger likes or comments to your post the next day if you have already boosted said post this will not result in you gaining more likes or comments it will only result in you losing your likes and comments for the day and won’t send additional likes or comments to the post your trying to double boost.

What is your network?

We take pride in our “PRIVATE NETWORK” it is literally in the name our network is made up of user emulated private accounts that are incredible quality. You really will not find a better service than ours especially when you do the math and realise that our package prices are actually less than buying the equivalent fake likes from panels.

We really are the best in the game right now and we will only get better as we launch all our new services and features!

How does the affiliate program work?

We have an amazing affiliate program! It is so simple to use. Once logged in to your dashboard Just navigate to our “affiliate tab” once there you will see your “pending payouts” you will also see your affiliate link! Please ensure you get people to sign up using this link so you can receive your 30% recurring commission!

Our payout system is super easy and you get your payout via PayPal!

We will have a video tutorial embedded on the site to further show and demonstrate how to use this feature.

Do the likes help me rank?

As of right now our likes can help you rank on tags but once we add impressions and views on with them they will be a lot more affective as of right now they are insane when it comes to social proof but if used right can help in ranking.

Do I need to enter my Instagram password?

No we will never ask for your account credentials please do not give these out to anyone at all!!

Is this safe?

Yes 100% using our service is safe. It doesn’t require any automation on your behalf or for you to login to your account at all. Our network gives you the engagement you do not have to like, comment, or partake in any spammy activities to receive our engagement!

Our service is undetectable to IG as we are 1-1 emulation this also should give our service longevity!

How do I register?

It really is as simple as hitting “register” then entering your email and creating a password. Upon the first time you register your account you will be asked for your username please ensure this is input correctly otherwise you will not receive your engagement!

Don’t worry if you do mess it up we have a multi account feature so your able to just re add your account correctly over there!

How does multi-account work?

We have the option to add in more accounts to our service and the ability to quickly switch between the accounts you own and would like to send engagement too.

Each Instagram account you add will need its own subscription to work so please note that buying a subscription while on one account will only allow you to use that subscription on that account you will need to go onto your second / third / fourth account and purchase your desired subscription while on this account to have it activated.

Don’t worry if your confused at all we have a video tutorial on this so head over and watch that if your still stuck or unsure.

How do I contact PactSocial?

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to contact us with any issues or questions. We have an on site live chat ( please note once you leave the site this chat closes so isn’t the most effective to have a long conversation with us ) We also have a telegram group you can add your self to through the link provided under “telegram news group” this will keep you up to date on new features, maintenance and all updates regarding the service

We also have our telegram incase you need another way to contact us.

Another way we can be contacted is through - [email protected]

Is there a free trial?

Unfortunately we do not offer a free trial if you are concerned of our quality or just simply want to test our services we do have a short video show casing some of our network on the landing page of our site. Alternatively we have single post options meaning you can test out our likes or comments on one of your posts for as little as $5.

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes you can cancel your subscription at any time you are not fixed into a contract and you are free to stop the service at any time you please.  

How much does this cost?

We have 2 different types of services. 1) SINGLE POST & 2) UNLIMITED POST each or the options has 3 different tiers of packages. The packages are as followed.

( 1 post a day for 30 days )

1. 500 likes - $100 per month
2. 750 likes - $125 per month
3. 1,000 likes $150 per month

1. 50 comments - $100 per month
2. 100 comments - $150 per month
3. 150 comments - $200 per month

( one time post )

1. 500 likes - $5
2. 750 likes - $6.99
3. 1,000 likes - $7.99

1. 50 comments - $5
2. 100 comments - $8
3. 150 comments - $12

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